Pick up your koi or have it delivered

After you have won an auction, you naturally want to enjoy your new purchase as soon as possible. You can choose to pick up your koi or have it delivered within 10 business days.

Koi Collection

You can collect your koi during our regular operating hours. Of course we ensure that your koi is properly and safely packed so that the journey back home will go smoothly.

You do not need to bring anything else with you. Your koi are checked every week for parasites, if you wish you can always take a swab of your koi yourself in the store. Click here for our current opening times.

How does delivery work?

After you have won a koi at the auction, you can indicate in your account whether you want to collect the koi or have it delivered. There will be an email asking for payment of the Koi won at the Auction and instructions to email SelectKoi directly with each koi you won so shipping can be calculated and invoiced prior to shipping. After payment of the delivery costs, you are scheduled for the relevant date. In the unlikely event that the koi is not fit to deliver safely, we will inform you and a new date will be planned.

Your koi will be carefully packed in a double bag with enough real oxygen, then put in a box to continue the journey in the dark. The box is provided with a clear sticker with your name and address so that nothing can go wrong during delivery. When you have received your koi, you can follow the instructions on the box to transfer your koi responsibly and properly to your pond. After this you can enjoy your new koi. Explanation delivery options


Delta is our preferred shipper. We also use UPS for shipping. Koi shipped through Delta will be replaced if the koi is deceased as a result of packaging defects. Emergency landings and or plane malfunctions are not replaceable. If the koi is not picked up in time or left at the Delta Cargo we do not replace koi for negligence.

The same applies for UPS in the case that the koi arrives and is not reported immediately as deceased. For any koi shipped with UPS we do not replace. Since we can not ensure the responsible handling by UPS of the koi being shipped we will not replace it if it is damaged or arrives deceased. Please choose your method of delivery that you best feel suits your needs.

Note: The transport prices are currently changing weekly due to surcharges related to Corona and the high fuel prices. We keep the prices on this page up to date as much as possible, but can therefore differ from the price you have to pay when scheduling. Pick up shop SelectKoi; Our store is located at 2253 Boyds Creek Highway, Sevierville, TN 37876- of course you can always pick up your koi here (provided it is out of quarantine). There are no costs attached to this. If you have several koi, we would appreciate it if you indicate that you are coming, so that we can set your koi aside on the day you come. Air Cargo through Delta Airlines will allow you to pick up your Koi at the Airport closest to your desired destination. Prices vary depending on Delta Air Cargo rates which will be outlined in our Email once you send us which orders are needing shipment. UPS delivers to the door this cost is generally higher than Air Cargo.

How many koi are in 1 box?

Transport costs are calculated per box. Depending on the length of the koi, 1 or more koi go in a box. Below is an overview of the number of koi per box in the different lengths. In your account you will see an overview of your koi and in how many boxes it can be transported.

Koi length Number of koi per box
< 15 cm 20 pieces
16 - 25 cm 15 pieces
26 - 35 cm 10 pieces
36 - 40 cm 6 pieces
41 - 46 cm 3 pieces
47 - 55 cm 2 pieces
> 55 cm 1 pieces