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Shiro Utsuri





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  • Shipping will be around $750 per box and a box holds 2-5 koi depending on size. Shipping to the nearest Delta Air Cargo will be $108 after quarantine.
  • We ship Koi shortly after the auction is over and the winning bid is received. There is typically a 5-10 business day lead time to ensure safe shipping procedures. Please contact us to decide on a preferred shipping method so an up to date quote can be provided.

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From 1 April to 31 October

As soon as the temperature starts to rise a little in spring, koi can be responsibly picked up and shipped. You can pick up your koi in our store at the regular opening hours, which you found here. You can pick up your koi at a pickup point or have it delivered to you in your account.

From November 1 to March 31

After the quarantine period the koi swim during the winter at 16 to 17 degrees, some higher. Therefore it is often not possible to transport koi.

If you have a heated pond or quarantine room you can of course pick up the koi. Please contact us to make an appointment.


Delta is our preferred shipper. We also use UPS for shipping. Koi shipped through Delta will be replaced if the koi is deceased as a result of packaging defects. Emergency landings and or plane malfunctions are not replaceable. If the koi is not picked up in time or left at the Delta Cargo we do not replace koi for negligence.

The same applies for UPS in the case that the koi arrives and is not reported immediately as deceased. For any koi shipped with UPS we do not replace. Since we can not ensure the responsible handling by UPS of the koi being shipped we will not replace it if it is damaged or arrives deceased. Please choose your method of delivery that you best feel suits your needs.